Company History

In the mid 1800's it was very difficult for farmers to easily secure insurance. Even when it was available it was usually too expensive because an insurance company considered farm risk too hazardous. Consequently farmers began insuring themselves and each other according to special laws providing for MUTUAL protection. Thus the Farm Mutual Companies were founded. They were organized for farmers by farmers, to provide their own members with sound insurance at cost and these companies were officered and directed by farm members.

On August 11th 1874, our company was organized with the same Mutual aspects and principles for their goals that were used by other farm mutuals, that is "insurance at cost for mutual protection".

The Bay of Quinte Mutual Agricultural Fire Insurance Company commenced business on October 31, 1874, in rented office space in the Jamieson Block in Picton. In 1929 the company moved to rented office space in the new Odd Fellows block, and in 1962 the company built its first office building. Sixteen years later the company had outgrown its existing space, and built and moved into a larger building on land purchased across the road, at our current location.